javascript playground


What better way to get inspired about your website than to check out a bunch of great effects that I can implement for you. Most of the content here is written with JavaScrpt (hence "js" playground), but on occasion I may throw in an effect that is not. I'll be adding new effects every couple of months, so check back. Contact me if you have any questions, or want to discuss getting one of these effects on your site.



April 14, 2012


Think of the accordion effect as a "pretty" way to save space by temporarily hiding content. The accordion can be used in a number of ways and contain almost any content. Click through the examples below to get a feel for it (starting most simplistic to most involved):

Go Play 3 >> Go Play 2 >> Go Play 1 >>



April 14, 2012


You'll find this effect throughout my site and some of my client's sites. What can I say, I love the effect, and it's very useful. Click any of the thumbnail images above. Once the larger image pops up, you can flip through the other images by clicking the right and left arrows or using the right and left keyboard arrows.

Wish you had a website with this excellent way to present images? Get ahold of me and we can get your project moving!