Accordion Effect


Go Play 2

Click this!

So this is Go Play 2. I can't believe this text was here the whole time! Amazing!

Seriously, how many times have you toggled that button above? Three, four times? Maybe half a dozen times? It's so smooth, and keeps all this content so tidy! Hide it when you don't need it, show it when you do.

This can contain images (above), video (below - next toggle down), text, pretty much anything you can put on a site.

...but wait there's more...

See, here's video:

I know what you're thinking, "I'm sold. Sign me up." Slight-sarcasm aside, this is a great effect that I can implement on a site for you - just contact me.

Call now and we'll include...

How about an interactive map, you ask?

That too.

Incidentally, that's ↑ an awesome place to visit (that whole area really). I used to live there - well not at the Garden of the Gods Park, but get the point.


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